Led Apple: Boy Meets Girl

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Teaser Video for their single. Not much into the song, it is more of a throwback to the 1990’s band Orgy. They did an awful cover of Blue Monday, remember?


Mikio Sakabe- Metal Stilt Shoes

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What do you think of these interesting metal stilt shoes? I find them to be very inspiring, maybe paired with a more cohesive clothing design. However, my assumption is that this is specific to an anime character or girl-band costume need.
There is also a video of the performance and some footage of the photo shoot.

Altuzarra Fall 2010

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Altuzarra | New York | RTW | Fall 2010

Cat Woman via Bladerunner. Too much awesome for one collection. Lip Service should sue.

Alexander Wang Fall 2010

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I am loving pretty much everything Alexander Wang has to offer here. The mix of black with rich velvet reds and dark blues as the color for one. Then the silhouettes are all strong focusing on fitting or drawing attention to the waist with military and/or menswear influence. Any type of cropped jacket or shrug is nice. I adore anything with crossing scarf shapes, anchored behind the neck and crossing in the front- similar to CS AW2006. Which creates that halter shape that looks good on everyone, because the shoulders are always the last to go… Feminine touches are brought in with shredded or laser cut lace effects in self fabrics. Overall very strong and wearable without being too in-your-face powerful.

Poppy Cartwright

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Graduate of Royal College of Art MA: 2010

The Best Fashion Illustrator Book

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Sure, you can take expensive Adobe Illustrator classes until you are out of money and blue in the face. No class is going to teach you what you need to know to create fashion flats and artwork repeats, unless it is an Illustrator class specifically for the use in the apparel industry. The best way to learn the program and keep up with industry standards and to get a really good book and take apart existing flats and prints that have already been created before in the correct format. Most of this learning process happens when you intern and are able to stay late at night and go through the print and flat libraries of your employer to learn. But, not everyone is willing to intern or work for free. Here is the best book that I have found: Creative Fashion Design with Illustrator by Kevin Tallon. It puts all other books to shame.
The fastest way that I teach interns and new employees how to draw flats is by providing them with my workspace that I created to draw flats. I would love to show you what this looks like, but my computer is not allowing me to screen cap at this time.

Melody Deldjou Fard

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fashion bording on performance art