New York Fashion Week {Fall 2009}

A few times a year, you will find me glued to my computer at work with anticipation, watching the latest style news unfold.

It is the one, the only, New York Fashion Week.

It starts today and all of the photos are being uploaded at high speed all over the net. New York Fashion Week shows more than just wonderful clothes. The clothing shown represents the state of our economy, the future of knock-offs for the next two years (some are pretty slow, huh), and what we believe in.

Monarchy will be presenting this year, which I am excited about. And, the regulars like Anna Sui, Donna Karen, and Calvin Klein are always worth getting excited over. I am sad to see that Betsey Johnson has been out of the loop for the last two seasons, since she has shown there forever. There are also many newcomers that I am excited to see.

I will make sure to highlight my favorites when the time is right. Last season was the same ol’ and there was nothing new and exciting. We shall see what this season brings.

Lyn Devon {Fall 2009}



~ by Ragdoll on 02/13/2009.

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