Dressing for the Moon

FAD: Fashion Awareness Direct is a non-profit project that helps students that are interested in fashion design prepare for their future career and develop empowering technical skills. This year the annual competition was all about future fashion, where the contestants were asked to create designs inspired by two planets of their choice to promote space tourism. First, the contestants present a trend board to the jury, and from there contestants are then picked to create designs for the final runway competition.   Like in most competitions, the designs that I thought were the best were not the winners. 


Entry Board for Beatrice Newman, De Montfort University


Entry Board for Ana Belen Merono, Nottingham Trent University


Runway Finalist: Holly Simpkins, Bath Spa University


Runway Finalist: Richard Maynes, Somerset University


~ by Ragdoll on 03/24/2009.

One Response to “Dressing for the Moon”

  1. Regarding the entry by Ana Belen Merono, the sketched hairstyle and shoulder shrug reminded me of Rachel from Blade Runner. I agree with you: I don’t really care for the finalists either.

    I remembered when this competition first came out. I even sketched some designs of my own, but based on what they’ve decided as “finalists” my designs wouldn’t have made it anyway: It was not flashy and far more practical for space travel. A curse (or a blessing) of being an engineer. 😉

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