Reem Alasadi’s Beautiful Agony

Reem Alasadi was raised in London and worked for one of the most prestigious vintage boutiques of Notting Hill.  Finally she went out on her own, using recycled fabrics to construct her amazing couture pieces.  There has been some controversy saying that she was just restyling vintage pieces rather than creating new designs from scratch.  Her website goes into detail explaining that she used to do this while starting out, but now she does construct all her pieces from scratch sometimes using vintage trims.  She is a self taught designer that turned down an education at St. Martins, and was quickly noticed by top London fashion houses for her freelance work.


My favorite collection would have to be “Beautiful Agony” using lace findings, feathers, doll heads and tea dying to create disturbing and shredded pieces with tons of detail.  The last image is her temporary market stall at the trendy Laforet Harajuku.


~ by Ragdoll on 04/02/2009.

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