Hwang Jin-Yi, Part 1

Hwang Jin-Yi, the Korean fashion icon, was a famous kisaeng (gisaeng) during the Joseon (Chosun) Dynasty. This is often the dynasty that you will hear of the most in Korean history because of the fashion, food, music, literature, and rulers of the time.  When Jin-Yi became a popular kiseang her name was changed to Myeongwol and she attracted quite a following of suitors, some even said to be in the royal family and politicians. She was known for her outgoing personality, lack of fear, and that she found men humorous and used them for her entertainment rather than fearing them. There are numorous plays, operas, a movie, and a TV show based on her life. All of them including beautiful women wearing ornate and layered hanboks and dancing gracefully to traditional music.
This will become a series of entries cover my entire inspiration from Hwang Jin-Yi, starting with the KBS mini series.


Note all of the adornments, such as layered wigs with hair decorations.  As well as the silk fabrics and varying weaving and dying techniques used.  I find the tassles and hanging ornaments very interesting as well.  Many of the tassles were made with natural fibers, precious stones, and were often dip-dyed.  The authentic tassles were not something that I would be able to acheive.  I even shopped in Manhattan for authentic replicas and was not able to find anything close. 


The larger amount of hanging tassles and knotwork decorations the better.  The basket or umbrella hats are amazing, especially when covered in black lace, shown in the movie in my next post.  There was also skirt bundling with rope for everyday walking, which created a nautral bustle effect that was adorable and effortless.


~ by Ragdoll on 04/16/2009.

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