Hwang Jin-Yi, Part 2

In my opinion, the Hwang Jin-Yi movie was not as entertaining as the miniseries drama.  However, the fashions were more to my taste because they were a lot darker and the entire feel of the movie was gloomy.   Anyways, I am not here to write a movie review but talk about how the fashions inspired my eight piece collection that was shown at Convergence 14 in Tampa. 


The above image goes to show how important the release of the movie was to South Korea, it made the cover of Korean Vogue.   

My favorite portions of the garment are the chima, which is a full long skirt that wraps around the body and ties at the top multiple times.  The top wrapping portion of the chima is meant to flatten the breasts and hold securely.  I decided to make a mock version of the top portion that is just a short bodice that laces up in the back for the same flattening effect.  The jeoguri is the short jacket portion of the hanbock, which is an entirely seperate garment with many components.  Just like a kimono, the jeoguri has a replaceable paper collar.  I made some of the jeoguri with traditional collars,  different variations of mandarin collars, and some outfits with no matching jackets at all.  The most fascinating part of the traditional garments, is that sometimes the kisaeng will wear an umbrella type hat, then cover that hat with lace or a veil.  I have only seen this twice, and there is not much information about the hats in my research, so I hope to work more with them in the future.  My favorite is the black umbrella hat below covered in black lace.


If you are interested in watching any of these shows or movies, but cannot find them to rent.  I recommend watching them on Mysoju.com, the movie or the miniseries.


~ by Ragdoll on 05/12/2009.

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