Hwang Jin-Yi: My Designs

I completed eight garments total for this collection.  I am a sucker for anything dip-dyed or gauze, so I had to work with both here.  As you can see, not all of the garments are traditional, but take inspiration from Korean culture and some Chinese culture as well. 

The above is my version of a cute Korean style prom dress, which was inspired by Goong (Palace: Princess Hours) .

The hair was fun as well.   I just made two large braids out of yaky loose hair (about 3 bags per braid), then wrapped the braid around the models head and pinned it with bobby pins.  Easy, fun, and did not take that long at all.  The traditional kisaeng styles were done in a similar manner or a full wig was worn.

There is boning in the upper bodice to hold the heavy dress up.  The skirts on all of these garments are comprised of more than five layers of  fabrics.   I have never worked in brown before, but I loved this vinyl fabric and the way that the mahogany wood plaque matches perfectly.

The above coordinating garment is actually my favorite of all.  It is the most sophisticated with the most details and has the best fit. 

I figured that I should try a pantsuit version as a variation.  This one actually fits quite well and laces all the way down the back.  There is red contrast stitching on the bodice and a traditional coat.  Notice the large plaque or propaganda.  As you saw from the movie and show postings that the more pieces of ornaments hanging from your hanbok, the more popular you are.

Interested in seeing more photos?  Check out the photostream.


~ by Ragdoll on 05/13/2009.

3 Responses to “Hwang Jin-Yi: My Designs”

  1. Fantastic designs!! I love the gausey dipdyed fabric, you really made some lovely pieces and with such a contrast in the textures and fabrics too, This blog rules!

  2. I love your designs and photographing them!

  3. i love ur dress’s i wish i could have one

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