“Part of the Machinery” is a line taken from a song, and is a fashion blog that catalogs designs that I use as inspiration for my own work in the apparel industry.  I am submerged in design and trend research on a daily basis, which hopefully will bring you fresh ideas that you cannot normally find online. Although most of my research is for mainstream designing, I will often find more appealing information to post here, when I get the time.  Many of the fashions I favor are dark in nature ranging from days long gone to futures yet to imagine. 

Hopefully, the information in this blog will be as useful and inspirational to you as it has to me.  I do not consider myself much of a writer, but I find that it is a tangible way of documentation.  Feel free to leave comments, feedback, or criticisms. 

Contact: ragdollco@yahoo.com


About me:  I work as a Womenswear Designer.  My daily routine ranges from trend research to color palettes, flat sketches, technical packages, textile prints, attending fittings, and sourcing approvals.  Apparel is the best industry on earth, and no matter how bad the economy gets, fashion will always be glamorous.


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