Dekkori Spats

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Dekkori decorative spats or shoe coverings, that actually cost more than the shoes you wear them over. Made popular by Fergi-licious.


Warrior by Samantha Cole

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Warrior Collection by designer Samantha Cole
Photographer Rebecca Litchfield

Alexander McQueen Accessories F/W 2011

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Alexander McQueen F/W 2011
Alexander McQueen F/W 2011
My boss handed me an accessories book that she picked up in France, and these photos were inside.

i’ll be a part of it

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I’m moving back to New York City next week. Yes! Hopefully the city will inspire me more and there will be more blog postings soon. We are going to be living off of the L train…Will too much exposure to Hipsters kill you?

Liger Hong Kong

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Hilary Tsui, Hong Kong actress now turned style icon, married to singer Easton Chan, uses her blog to promote her clothing store Liger. Often she will be photographed in public with her six year old daughter Constance, both of them wearing matching or similar outfits. I wish that I could make harem pants look so good.

Industrial Dance-off Videos

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Yes, folks. There is a new internet phenomenon of regular old sunshine Goths dancing off to industrial beats. Sometimes you may even see some back a back flip and some MJ moves.

I may be out of the loop of whatever to just find this now, but this brings me hours of joy.

Bebe Joins the Dark Side

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Bebe’s Fall 2009 ad campaign titled “Fall Intrigue” starts off Gothic Lolita and ends with Stevie Nicks.



I was strolling through the mall, not liking anything I was seeing, and then suddenly froze in front of their window display of this piece.
Please don’t forget to purchase your work appropriate plastic diamond embellished fetish harness.