Luiza Bonadiman: Future Swimwear

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During Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week, you will see a ton of swimsuits. But, Luiza Bonadiman stands out the most with a Futuristique style instead of the usual tropical feel. That’s my idea of what swimwear should look like!
Also note that the models are not emaciated like those in American and European runway shows. A nice touch, especially for swim, to see less chicken legs.


Chistova & Endourova Autumn/Winter 2009/10

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Sure, Chistova & Endourova are great, but I am distracted by the badass runway concept- an escalator. On top of that, some laser beam effects. This is an example of when the runway overpowers the designs, but it looks so good who cares!
Chistova & Endourova aw09b
Chistova & Endourova aw09c
Chistova & Endourova aw09d
Chistova & Endourova aw09a

Pearls of the Orient

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I stumbled upon the 35th Edition of the Pirelli 2008 Calendar today and was entranced by the theme. The entire set was shot in Shanghai with eight Western models, two Chinese models, as well as the magnificent actress Maggie Cheung. The 2008 calendar was a huge shift from the regular naked to half naked theme of other years in the calendars history, which was a let down to many fans. But, not for me or other people that appreciate high fashion and stunning contrasting concepts. I adore the shot of Gemma Ward in the dust catcher shop, oh the cuteness. Maggie Cheung is always amazing, her face is so innocent and feminine.
Photographer:Patrick Demarchelier

Pirelli Calendar 2008 3
Pirelli Calendar 2008
Pirelli Calendar 2008 2
Pirelli Calendar 2008 4
Pirelli Calendar 2008 5
Pirelli Calendar 2008 6
Pirelli Calendar 2008 8
Pirelli Calendar 2008 7
Pirelli Calendar 2008 9
Pirelli Calendar 2008 10
Pirelli Calendar 2008 11
Pirelli Calendar 2008 12

The Best Of…

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I may post some oldies but goodies sometimes.  Remember, when Shalom was airbrushed at the McQueen show back in 1999?

Nude Awakening

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Marie Claire May 2009

So what is wrong with beige, nude, camel or whatever you want to call it? It still can be beautiful and even be Futuristique. Love the necklace, but it would still be better in black.


Cyber Fashion Grids

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Elle Magazine April 2009


Marlies Dekkers Undressed

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Marlies Dekker’s Undressed Spring/Summer 2009 collected is noted as one of the best in the industry. The company has also been given more publicity in the past year, than ever before. The company has been around since 1993 and just opened their first New York store in 2008. This latest season had three themes, but I made up my own names: Pop Handicap, Pearl Earring, and Undressed Equestrian.